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    SPF Media Releases: Police Advisory - Skating on Public Roads


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    SPF Media Releases: Police Advisory - Skating on Public Roads

    Post  IceBerG on 01/06/09, 02:49 am

    With reference to recent media reports on Ezyhealth City Skate 2009 - an inline skating event organised by Ezyhealth on 25 Jul 09, Police would like to take the opportunity to remind the public that while special arrangements have been made to facilitate skating on designated roads during the event, skating on public roads is not permissible outside the event.

    Persons found skate-scootering, roller-skating, roller-blading or skateboarding on public roads would be committing an offence of jaywalking under Section 13 of the Road Traffic (Pedestrian Crossings) Rules. The offence entails a composition amount of S$20/-. If charged and convicted in court, the offender is liable to a fine not exceeding S$1000/- or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months. In the case of a second or subsequent offence, he faces a fine not exceeding S$2000/- or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months.

    For their personal safety and that of others, skateboarding enthusiasts should not engage in dangerous and inconsiderate acts like skateboarding on roads and in crowded places. At pedestrian crossings, skateboarders should also dismount, carry their skateboards in their hands, and walk across. People should never use skateboards in a way that endangers motorists, pedestrians or themselves.

    Be responsible. Be safe.

    21 May 2009 @ 1.00pm

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